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Many people believe you should obtain all your nutrients from your food choices.  But food consumption surveys have shown that the majority of people who are trying to eat right - and believe that they are doing so - are deficient in critical essential nutrients.  These nutrients are Vitamin B6, Folacin, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Calcium and Magnesium.

If you believe that your diet may be inadequate and you focus on nutritional and herbal supplements this information is for you.
If you have investigated the market, you know it is not easy to determine which nutritional supplements your body needs.   How do you choose from the hundreds of products on the market, you might ask?  This is an important issue because it is hard to find supplements that are well tolerated and which produce noticeable results in a relatively short period of time.
"Natural" is a commonly misunderstood term which is often used.  Do you believe the term "Natural" describes a completely natural product: one that is derived from a plant or fish with no modification by a manufacturer?  

Those who manufacturer, package, and process supplements must meet regulated standards.  By definition, these products are "man-made".   In addition, if higher levels of nutrients are required, manufacturers must modify the "natural" base product.   Example: 400 mcg folic acid is needed to prevent neural tube defects.  This much folic acid would never be found in nature.
Individual nutrients never occur “naturally” in nature, and they do not occur in the high levels that may be needed in a nutritional supplement.   For instance, Rose hips contains only 1% to 2% vitamin C.  This means that 500 mg of rose hips vitamin C would be the size of a baseball.  In addition, high levels of Vitamin B complex do not occur “Naturally”.  

Another important fact: the Minimum Daily Requirements (MDR) are based on population studies of levels of nutrients to prevent deficiency symptoms.  They make no claim to be optimum levels for biological function. 

Jones' Laws - by John W Jones, MD
  1. RDA's are not for the very Young, the very Old, anyone who is .Sick or Traumatized or Stressed
  2. Most doctors do not see "well" people.
  3. RDA’s are set so that most normal people will have adequate nutrition.
  4. Many social programs are based on the RDA's - which makes one suspect that they are more political than scientific.
  5. You have to eat 1100 nutrient laden calories to ingest the RDA's.
  6. A sick kidney is smarter than a smart doctor (Throw it all in, let the kidney sort it out).
  7. Supply all the nutrients needed (well beyond the RDA's) before you use individual nutrients.  
  8. Everyone will benefit from a good Multi Vitamin/Mineral supplement, Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, and, when appropriate, a high potency vitamin B complex supplement.

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