by John W Jones, MD, MPH
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Most Infections

Ultra Monolaurin
Ultra-Elderberry Plus
PhytoBiotic capsules
PhytoBiotic spray
Ultra 5x3 Probiotic

Nutritional Basics

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites 

Other Support Options

Yucca (NSAID alternative)
Spirulina Capsules
Vitamin C 
Vitamin A 
Vitamin D

Other Problems &

Ultra CCF Tincture 
s-t Aroma Spritzer 
Dermacalm Lotion 
DermaClear lotion 
DermaClear capsules 

Virus, Bacteria, Fungus and Parasite Infections take many forms.  

They might present as Acne, Colds & Flu, Cough, Cystitis/UTI, Eczema/Dermatitis, Hepatitis, Herpes, Sore Throat, Urinary Tract, Vaginal Infections or a host of other problems. I have written nutritional protocols for most of these conditions as they are very problematic.

Urinary tract infections, for instance, are the 2nd most common type of infection in the body, and account for millions of doctor visits per year. BladrEase can really help prevent them and ease their discomfort.

If you follow Jonathan Wright, MD, you probably know that he uses d-mannose to prevent and treat urinary tract infections.

The overuse of antibiotics is an increasing problem in modern medicine.  The CDC has  ongoing program to discourage this practice.  Ultra MonolaurinUltra-Elderberry Plus and PhytoBiotic present alternative approaches when antibiotics are not indicated.  They may be used separately, but when used together or in combination they make a potent substitute for broad spectrum antibiotics.  Each of these possesses antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. 

PhytoBiotic is an Endobiogenic Conceptâ„¢ Formula.  It contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a proprietary blend of herbs that may be useful for immune support, antimicrobial support and parasites.  PhytoBiotic spray may be sprayed on any affected skin area 2 or 3 times per day.

After a course of antibiotic treatment, Ultra 5x3 Probiotic should be used to restore normal flora in the GI tract.  It inhibits the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms and helps maintain normal flora.

Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins

The essential fatty acids in Ultra Omega-Linic should be a part of daily supplementation.  When the body is fighting infections its  anti inflammatory effects are critically important.

For those using only fish oil it should be noted that Ultra Omega-Linic is a much more effective supplement.  In addition to fish oil, it contains  Black currant seed oil, an omega 6 fatty acid, which delivers even more anti-inflammatory activity.

I formulated Ultra Vites to be high in B-Vitamins, and to contain important minerals, such as  Selenium and Zinc in a bioavailable form.  When infections are part of the problem, Ultra Vites is part of the solution.

Other Support Options

Yucca is an excellent substitute for NSAIDs to relieve aches and pains.  Like NSAIDs, Yucca is a very effective anti inflammatory.

Spirulina (the Spirulina reference library:

Another very important recommendation is Spirulina.  It is an important food source of natural amino acids, anti oxidants and phyto nutrients.  If you visit the library, the first grouping of studies covers anti-viral activity.  The second one covers anti-cancer studies.  

The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) promotes tissue healing and integrity, enhances immune function, has an antihistamine effect, an antiviral and antibacterial effect.  Vitamin C is extremely important in wound healing and immune function.  Ultra C-1000 contains 1000 mg specially coated (stomach friendly) Vitamin C, plus 100 mg of the bioflavonoid, Rutin.  Rutin is a flavonol glycoside composed of quercetin and rutinose.   It has antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti carcinogenic, anti thrombotic, cytoprotective and vaso-protective activities.  Ultra-Chew C contains 350 mg of the same coated vitamin C, plus 50 mg Rutin.  The Xylitol sweetener is tooth-friendly.

The Importance of Vitamins A & D

Vitamin A promotes healing and integrity of mucus membranes.  Beta carotene does not deliver the same results.  Vitamin A can be teratogenic, therefore it should be limited to 4500 IU per day from all sources for women who are or might become pregnant

Vitamin D is also known as the cold vitamin.  It needs to be boosted because most people have low levels of this nutrient.  In winter there is not enough benefit from sunshine - from fall to spring, 6 months of the year.  During the summer there is a large group of people who prevent the sun from reaching the skin.  And older skin simply does not efficiently convert sunshine to vitamin D.


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